Solutions and Ideas

The Company

Overspeed is an innovative service and consulting company with focus on wind power and the energy business area. Our focus on modern, forward-looking methods reflects in our consulting services and our products as well as in our research and development activities. Overspeed was founded in 2001 as GmbH & Co. KG. The ancestor of Overspeed GmbH & Co. KG was Overspeed GbR which was founded in 1989.
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25 Years Experience

Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl and Thomas Pahlke – we, as managing directors of Overspeed GmbH & Co. KG, possess proven track records of expertise with 25 years of wind energy experience.

Solutions and Ideas

Our services and products span the entire wind energy sector from wind energy consulting to wind and solar power predictions for grid operators – from the development of software for offshore windfarm planning and wind farm management to energy storage systems and professional training.


On basis of over 25 years of experience in the area of wind energy Overspeed is working as consultant in the areas of project review and risk assessment, wind potential analysis, wind farm layout and management of approval procedures. In focus are mainly projects at “difficult“ sites e.g. outside Europe and Offshore. In particular Overspeed was main consultant for the project “Sandbank”, one of the biggest offshore wind farms in the world.

Wind and Solar Power Prediction

The further development of energy supply with wind and solar energy and other renewable energies is also a main working topic of Overspeed. We develop and run the Anemos operational platform. In several EU-projects Overspeed was mainly responsible for conceptual design and development of the operational platform as well as for installation and operation of the prediction systems. 

Strategic Windfarm Optimisation

One of the most challenging tasks for wind farm developers is the optimisation of offshore wind power plants. Our new software tool, Wind & Economy, supports your challenging work with the seamlessly integrated modelling of wind climate, large scale and localized wind farm effects, electrical loss calculations and derivation of economic key figures.

Research and Development

Overspeed emphasises the application and the development of new techniques and methods. For this reason Overspeed is involved in several R&D projects in the areas of remote surveillance, power prediction, offshore maintenance optimisation and wind - hydrogen - balancing power, and cultivates close cooperation with the University of Oldenburg including ForWind.

Wind Energy and IT

One of the main topics of Overspeed is the development and selling of IT-products around wind energy. This includes Shadeoff, our optimising solar shade shut-off system and RadarCam & RadarEdit, our bird course tracking system.


Wind-hydrogen Systems

The HyWindBalance project combines wind power with hydrogen storage. This opens up new options for wind energy, such as the supply of scheduled generation on the energy exchange, or balancing power.

Training and Education

Dr. Waldl is lecturer at the University of Oldenburg in the "Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energies". In 2006 together with ForWind a one year distant education training course "Wind Energy Technology and Management" was developed for engineers and is held on a regular basis. This course is dealing with all aspects of wind energy, project development and management. Together with ForWind we are founder of the ForWind-Academy.


  • EU R&D Project DTOC: Planning and operation of large offshore wind farm clusters
  • Offshore wind farm Sandbank 24: Main Consultant for application procedures, management of grid connection planning, internal laying of site cables, detailed assessments of wind potential, yield studies and aspects of foundation design
  • EU R&D Project Wind power predictions and further developement of business procedures such as reserve planning, storage management, congestion management, power trading, system design and development, wind power prediction models, organization of tests at energy providers (Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece), maintanance and operations
  • EU R&D Project SafeWind: Prediction of extreme events such as storm fronts and wind farm shut-offs
  • Wind power prediction system Anemos for energy providers and grid operators world-wide
  • HyWindBalance: Wind-Hydrogen used as balancing power plants (R&D Project Lower Saxony)
  • Further Education Program: „Windenergietechnik und –management“ (ForWind, Oldenburg)