Innovative Projects

Overspeed places special importance on the implementation and development of innovative methods and procedures. For this reason, we are involved in various research and development projects and maintain close cooperation with national and international institutions and companies.

Overview of our projects:

  • Wind power predictions

    • OSHybrid - a robust wind power prediction model based on an advanced statistical-physical hybrid approach
    • Research Projects

      • Anemos - Development of a Next Generation Wind Resource Forecasting System for the Large-Scale Integration of Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms
      • AnemosPlus - Wind power prediction and further development of business processes such as reserve planning, storage management, congestion management, energy trading, system design, system development, wind power prediction models. Organization of demonstrations for energy providers in Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece as well as maintenance and operations
      • SafeWind - Prediction of extreme events such as storm fronts and wind farm shut-offs (our flyer: Blackout prevention Northern Ireland / Rules-based extremes predictions)

  • Offshore-Windtechnologie

    • DTOC - Planning and operation of large offshore wind farm clusters
    • Offshore wind farm Sandbank 24 - management of the grid integration planning, internal wind farm cable laying, detailed wind potential tests, foundation layout
    • Offshore Maintenance & Repair - Advanced Maintenance and Repair strategies for Offshore Wind Energy Converters
    • POWER - Pushing Offshore Wind Energy Regions
    • Cleverfarm - Advanced Management and Surveillance of Wind Farms

  • Speichersysteme

    • HyWindBalance - Wind-Hydrogen systems for providing balancing energy