Offshore Maintenance & Repair

Advanced Maintenance and Repair Strategies for Offshore Wind Energy Converters (OffshoreM&R) is a European research and development project bringing together WEA- and controlling manufacturers, CMS providers, remote mainenance software developers and wind farm operators to provide servicing and surveillance solutions of offshore wind farms (ISET, DMT, Overspeed, Plambeck Neue Energien, Bruel&Kjaer, Gram&Juhl, Mita, Nordic Windpower, Risø).

When it comes to wind turbines located at sea, early fault detection is even more crucial than onshore, as repairs can be delayed by weeks due to weather conditions. Furthermore, controlling mechanisms are essential for any previously damaged equipment in order to slow or, ideally, to stop damage progressing further.

In moving towards this goal, protocols and general standards for exchanging data must be prepared not only between individual components of a wind turbine, but also among turbines inside a wind farm and between a wind farm and the control center. Building upon the unified communication among diverse components, test installations are conducted followed by a field test which checks the interaction between system control, the surveillance system and wind park remote surveillance software.