Wind and Solar Power Prediction System

Wind energy in the control center

Today, most energy economic sectors are reliant on accurate predictions of future wind energy input. Power plant scheduling, power trading and grid operations can only be carried out optimally when an exact and reliable prediction of wind power is available for the upcoming hours and days. Together with our partners, we are a strong team with more than 15 years of working experience in the sector of wind power prediction.

High Accuracy through Current Research

Our wind power prediction system, Anemos, is a commercial spin-off of diverse research and development activities and is now implemented on a scale which is truly world-wide. The high accuracy of Anemos wind power predictions rests on a consequent multi-model approach. This includes our ability to draw on models from several partners ranking among the top prediction providers in Europe: ARMINES, energy & meteo systems, ENFOR, Risø and CENER and in total responsible for predicting over 50 GW of wind power world wide. Each prediction arises from the combination of multiple weather models together with various physical and statistical approaches and is constantly fine-tuned with the most current research results.

Display of the current predictions for Australia. Prediction time series (green) and the uncertainty (light-green band).

Ramps and Extreme Events

Managing extreme events such as storm fronts is becoming an ever more important task in light of increasing amounts of wind energy penetration in the electricity grid. We tackle this challenge with specialized models for ramp prediction, coupled with an alarming system for extreme situations which informs the user of expected power surges, declines or shut-down events as early as possible.

Time response of a predicted (green) and
actually occuring ramp (blue)

World-wide Predictions

Overspeed is responsible for the conception and implementation of the Anemos operational platform and guarantees round-the-clock operation and maintenance in Germany, Denmark, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, Portugal and Australia.

Additional Prediction Services

Our long-standing experience in wind power predictions is utilized for other prediction services as well: Load predictions, predictions of thermal load for district heating networks and solar power predictions.

Round-the-clock Operations

As these predictions are essential components in the business processes of our customers, we do everything to guarantee high system availability. With our years of experience, mirrored server systems, quality management and a support team available 24/7, we achieved 100% availability in the last 8 years. This applies to server solutions operated by us for our customers as well as to systems integrated on-site into the IT infrastructure of our clients. In recent years, our prediction system has been intensively tested by customers both for stability and the maintaing of No-Single-Point-of-Failure criteria.

Solar Power Forecasts

Utility-scale solar farms as well as in-creasing amounts of distributed rooftop solar PV installations pose new challenges to electricity grid and market operation. We are able to provide accurate forecasting for all types of solar power, large-scale farms and distributed, fixed and tracking.
Our advanced solar forecast models have been further developed in order to precisely describe the path of the sun over the sky, support sun tracker technologies, support global meteoro-logical models with relatively low tem-poral resolution, and include optimal combination of several meteorological models, statistical downscaling, shadow detection, and more.

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