Wind Power Predictions for EEG Direct Marketing

Through the passing of the Renewable Energy Law Amendment (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetzes, EEG) in 2012 it has finally become possible to bring significant amounts of wind energy to the energy market via direct marketing, consequently leading to higher profits with wind power than with previous EEG tarifs. This makes high quality forecasting of wind energy even more indespensable than before.

Overspeed's wind power predictions guarantee a high degree of prediction accuracy together with 100% availability due to its multi-model approach. Even for newly installed parks without historical measurement data, our physical-statistical prediction model, OSHybrid, delivers predictions with an excellent degree of accuracy.

Accurate predictions are necessary because increasing uncertainty generally leads to significant balancing power costs which can considerably narrow the profit margins achieved through direct marketing or even render them entirely unprofitable.

A further direct marketing service offered by Overspeed is short-term predictions for intraday trading, allowing the costs for balancing power to be further minimized: the better portfolio owners and stakeholders can predict the supply of wind energy, the less reserves must be made available reducing the need to provide expensive balancing power.

The short and medium term predictions by Overspeed operate reliably and with a high degree of forecast accuracy for companies all over the world and can provide predictions for individual wind farms and/or groups of wind farms (Details on Wind Power Predictions).