Wind Power Predictions

Wind power predictions are decisive for a sustainable, future-oriented energy supply as they allow grid operators to securely integrate wind energy into the grid and to plan for the compensation of expected imbalances.

Overspeed offers state-of-the-art wind power forecasts generated through the innovative wind power prediction system, Anemos, the commercial spin-off from research and development projects which is in world-wide use today. Our high degree of prediction accuracy is achieved through the coherent combination of models from top European developers predicting over 45GW of wind energy world-wide.

Our strategic know-how additionally allows us to make predictions of so-called “extreme events” available. These deliver information at an early stage on probable rapid power increases and/or decreases and on planned cut-off events. In doing so, Overspeed contributes to the consistent optimization of planning, bottle-neck, load and idle power management.

Our customers' wishes are met both quickly and flexibly, providing wind power forecasting with different horizons, resolutions and frequency. Furthermore, we gladly implement application-oriented extensions and adapt them to reflect even the most diverse business procedures. With internet-based onsite and remote services, we support our clients in the implementation and operation of high-availability IT-systems critical to the company around the clock.

The high availability of our systems is guaranteed through redundancy on multiple-levels: from two computing centers to redundant servers and hardware up to multiple installations of critical software components. Overspeed guarantees optimal maintainability through close integration of its quality management with the change management of the customer.

Our optimally coordinated wind power predictions comprise:

  • Anemos - the modular prediction system
  • Customer-specific wind power predictions
  • Energy trading and grid operators
  • Smart grids
  • High availability systems 

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