Advanced Training and Seminars

Overspeed, in its position as an innovative service company, offers individually tailored seminars on all wind energy topics and further develops state-of-the-art educational opportunities. Together with ForWind, we are founders of ForWind Academy and are actively engaged in the continuing studies Wind Energy Technology and Management and the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energies (PPRE) at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.

Interdisciplinary Seminar from ForWind Academy

ForWind Academy, a cooperation between ForWind and Overspeed, utilizes its seminar offers to combine challenges stemming from real-world scenarios with the current base of scientific research. Great importance is given to covering current topics and individually tailored modules. For established and future experts, decision makers and those interested in accessing the wind energy market, this seminar offers current know-how, contact to wind energy sector experts and access to an active community. Within this framework and excelling through their 20 years of experience, Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl and Thomas Pahlke, offer seminars on technical business management, project management, meteorology, financing, wind energy fundamentals and offshore topics.

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ForWind Academy

Continuing Studies Programme: Wind Energy Technology and Management

Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl is a member of the programme administration and a faculty member of the degree programme Wind Energy Technology and Management (in German), where aspects from science, engineering, information technology (IT) merge with elements from business administration, law, planning and project management. Experts and future experts participate with the desire of placing their futures in wind energy on a solid foundation and, within eleven months, will learn to manage all phases of a wind energy project from planning to operation.

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Weiterbildendes Studium Windenergietechnik und –management (in German)

Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energies at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl is an associate lecturer in the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) at the physics institute of the University of Oldenburg, in which over 320 participants from more than 77 countries have successfully participated. The goal of PPRE is to convey the utilization of renewable energies to students regarding both fundmentals and applications- with special emphasis placed on the possibilities of implementation for developing countries. Main topics covered are: conveyance of basic physical principals behind renewable energy systems; technical realization and economic conditions for the utilization of renewable energies; practical testing of components from decentralized energy supply systems; analysis and planning of concrete decentralized energy energy supply projects (case study); forming contact with companies and institutions pertaining to the usage of renewable energy sources.

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Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy